SI – History

History of Ljubno

Until the 13th century Ljubno has not been mentioned in any written source. Before that it was only a very small village. We don’t know anything about the history of the town before that. The name of the town changed through different periods. In 1244 it was Lowen, in 1308 Lowuen, 1316 Lauven and in 1424 it was Laufen.

In the past, the people of Ljubno were mostly occupied with farming and timber rafting, craft was poorly developed.

The main characteristics of Ljubno is timber rafting which is nowadays only  alive as an ethnographic attraction. During summer there’s a festival in Ljubno that reminds us of the timber rafting in the Upper Savinja valley.

At the end of 19th century the first Palm Sunday bundle was made in Ljubno. This tradition is still very much alive today.

Today Ljubno is a modern town with strong metal – processing industry which employs around 500 people from the town and the towns around Ljubno.

Ljubno is also a kind of a sports centre with well developed fishing tourism, mountaineering and other kinds of tourism which are all somehow related to the beautiful river Savinja that runs through Ljubno.


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