Water Cycle Circuit – Maurupt le Montois



Comenius guests from Finland and France in Palsmane, Latvia – 3rd day

2015comenius 002

In the municipality.

2015comenius 003

Students are speaking with journalist from local newspaper.

2015comenius 004

At the boiling.

2015comenius 014

Everybody is ready to start workshops.

2015comenius 043

The Easter rabbit workshop.

2015comenius 050

The Easter rabbits.

2015comenius 041

The cooking workshop.

2015comenius 019

The cooking also for boys.

2015comenius 051

The wood workshop.

2015comenius 031

The wood….

2015comenius 036

The rabbits…

2015comenius 018

The rabbits…

2015comenius 038

The yarn flowers workshop.

2015comenius 029

The bookmarks workshop.

2015comenius 053

Team Olympics

by Neja Sem, 6.a

On Valentine’s Day at 10 o’clock Team Olympics began on the playground in Radmirje. This is an annual event where teams from Slovenia and Austria compete. Me,  four of my school friends  and two older students participated in one of the teams.

We competed in different sport disciplines, such as rope pulling, walking on stilts, mini golf, shooting on the goal, jumping in sacks and polygon. Out of fifteen teams we came third which was a great achievement for us. So each of the members from our team won a bronze medal.

For snack we had delicious carnival doughnuts and a glass of warm tea which tasted really nice as it was a really cold winter day.


by Julija Vozelj, 8.b and Ana Podlesnik, 8.a

14th February wasn’t just Valentine’s day here in Ljubno. We hosted a ski jumping world cup for women. It was quite exciting for a small town like ours to host something this important.

The event lasted for two days, Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday Sara Takanashi took first place. Daniela Iraschko – Stolz took second place and Sarah Hendrickson was third. But on Sunday things were a little different. Daniela Iraschko – Stolz and Sara Takanashi shared first place and Sarah Hendrickson was again third. It was a great experience and I hope we will host this event for many more years to come.

My cute pets

by Neja Sem, 6. a

I’ve got six pets at home. I play with them almost every day.

Guinea pig Puhi is white . His head is black with white chin and nose. He’s also got brown line on the right side. He’s got long fluffy fur and curious whiskers. His black eyes always sparkle. He puts his nose everywhere and if he finds an interesting thing, he licks it or bites it. He’s got four paws and fourteen claws. He loves it when we cuddle him. He starts crying when he hears us preparing his food. He will be one year old on 20th May.

Our parrot Jaki is white and he’s got black eyes. He can be very loud when he wants to go out of the cage and fly freely. He will be four years old on 25th April.

Little Alexander Koki is green and turquoise. He’s got a black circle around his head, which means he’s a male. Koki is a very good boy. He can’t fly but he’s still trying. He also likes to cuddle. He will be four years old on 20th April. He shares a cage with Jaki and sometimes they have their little »fights«, but nothing bad has ever happened. They are still friends.

Gold fish Zara shares a fish tank with her sister Zlatka. They will be 2 years old on 7th August.

Red eared terrapin turtle Pika is dark green with two red lines on each side of her neck. In October we take her to basement for her »winter sleep«. She stays in the basement until April. She likes biting and hissing. She has already bit me once. She will be fourteen on 7th May.

That’s all about my pets. I’m sure you would love them if you met them.


by Urška Nerat, 7. a

We went on a winter camp on Monday  16 December 2013. We arrived at Rogla at ten in the morning. After receiving the keys, we headed to the bungalows. I shared the room with Petja, Nina, Maja and Julija. Everything was nicely organized as if we were on vacation. One thing was strange, though – the stairs, but we soon got used to them. First, they tested our skiing abilities. We were divided into three groups:

  1. beginners,
  2. good skiers,
  3. excellent skiers.

After that an excellent lunch followed. After lunch, we were free for an hour and then we went skiing again. Skiing lessons were followed by a short period of rest. Then we went swimming and after swimming we had dinner. At ten p.m. we went to bed.

On TUESDAY we woke up at seven and got ready very quickly as we had breakfast half an hour later. We could choose among many different things – from hazel nut spreads to sausages. After breakfast, we went skiing until lunch. When the time of lunch arrived, we were very hungry as we skied the entire morning. After lunch we went to the store. We didn’t have much free time as we soon had to hit the slopes again. We made a lot of progress since Monday. After skiing, we went to the gym where we played volleyball, tennis, football, basketball etc. In the evening, we were pleasantly tired.

WEDNESDAY: When we woke up we washed ourselves and went to breakfast. We had a good meal and went skiing until lunch. After lunch, we had some free time again. When we changed ourselves back to skiing equipment we were prepared for new challenges. After skiing we had a few minutes so I called my parents to tell them how it was. We could already smell dinner and hear music from the discotheque. In the beginning nobody wanted to dance but when it was time to go to bed we danced like crazy.  We left disco after 10 p.m. and tired as we were, fell asleep right away. This was my favourite day as adrenaline sledding was also on the programme and we had a fantastic time.

THURSDAY: As the saying goes: »Early bird catches a worm«. Alarm clock woke us early in the morning and we went to breakfast half asleep. After breakfast, we skied until lunch. We were almost pros now. After lunch, we were allowed to go to the store to buy something for ourselves. In the evening we had dinner again and then we listened to lecture about Africa and its people. I wouldn’t say it was boring but I became really sleepy and I hardly waited to fall asleep.

FRIDAY: We woke up at seven a.m. Since it was quite windy we asked if it was possible not to go skiing. However, our coach was unmerciful and told us to pick a skiing slope. Despite the wind we had a great time. Lunch was excellent and the only thing to do was to go home. We put our things onto the bus and drove back to our school in Ljubno. We arrived safely. Our parents were extremely happy to see us. I would do it all over again without any hesitation as winter camp is truly an event to remember.

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