LV – History

At the beginning of our project, we looked at the history of our local community.  We have found a few interesting things about Palsmane that we would like to share with.


Palsmane parish was the first mentioned in 1615, when it was separated from the Smiltenes Castle County. Contemporary meaning of the parish was created in 1920 the years by the land reform process.


Palsmane is located 25 km from Smiltene (130 km from Riga) and on the banks of the river Palsa. Palsmane area is 100 km².



The Palsmane Primary School was built in 1906.


The culture place 1936.


Municipality house was built in the 1870.


The church was built in 1815.


In 1880 it was built by Baron fon Bers. Since 1966 there is a boarding school for children with special needs.


The memory place was reacted in 1927 (commemorate the first World War).

1940.g. pa39





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