Drama Camp – Romania and UK

A group of children and teachers from Bliss Charity School took part in a drama camp organized by Elf School in the Apuseni Mountains, in Transylvania, in July 2015.  It has been an amazing experience that both schools would like to repeat!



Mercedes Benz Trip

by Sam M.

On a winter’s morning on the 1st of December 2014, all of Class Two and their teachers embarked on a curious trip to the Mercedes Benz race track at Silverstone, Brackley. They are learning about cars and racing in their ‘Need for Speed’ topic.

The class saw all of Lewis Hamilton’s trophies from all of his last Grand Prix races. They also got to sit on Nico Roseburg’s Car and hold his racing shoes. They found out lots of facts and were surprised to find out that one race car takes over 4000 metal pieces and 20,000 hours to make! Also all of the racers clothes are fireproof so if they crash they don’t burn.

Max, Class 2, enjoyed his day out and said his favourite part was “eating the biscuits”.

The whole of class 2 had an amazing day at Mercedes and after they returned they made their very own cardboard F1 car.

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Remembrance Day

by O’Shea

On the 11th November 2014 multitudes of people congregated together to remember the bravery of soldiers who were killed at war. This year is a special year because it is 100 years from world war one (1914 – 2014) and people from all around the world remembered the soldiers worldwide who were slaughtered during the Great War.

In the Bliss Charity School, children aged 9-11, participated in this special day. At break time, they solemnly walked to the war memorial in the village and paid their respects to the daring soldiers whose lives were put in jeopardy and those who never returned.

After their walk, the school watched an assembly about life for soldiers throughout the Commonwealth countries during WW1. Mrs Byrne, Class 6 teacher, said “It was emotional watching the assembly as it reminded us of the sacrifices so many men and women had to make and the affect this had on families across the world.”

Pupils discovered that the allied forces needed more soldiers so young boys and men gave their lives to help England against the Kaiser. “My great-great granddad Edward Moorhouse, a foot soldier on the front line, fought in world war one. When it is Remembrance day I am always thinking of him” recalled a girl called Querida Seguin.

Many other remembrance services will take place over the next few days.

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The Terrific Ten Pieces

by James

On Monday 10th November, Class 6, Bliss Charity School, watched BBC Ten Pieces, a national event jam-packed with classical tunes, created by the BBC.

This event commenced because the BBC want classical music to become compulsory in a child’s life. The whole event consists of three phases spanning over a school year from October 2014 – July 2015.

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Fabulous Fireworks

By Charlotte

On Saturday the 8th November, hundreds of local people gathered in Flore village to watch fireworks and enjoy themselves. They were celebrating the story of Guy Fawkes and his attempt to blow up the House of Parliament in 1605.

At 7:30 pm, the fireworks started and everyone rushed out of their cars to see the spectacular colours and shapes which exploded noisily in the night sky. One spectator, Charlotte Starkey, 10, from Upper Heyford said, “The fireworks were beautiful and I really enjoyed the show. There were so many different types of them! It was spectacular!”

The villagers were also able to purchase food and drinks to enable them to enjoy their evening even more. The weather was cold, however everyone still enjoyed the fabulous display.

In summary, the Flore Firework Show was a huge success enjoyed by everyone.Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 18.47.14

Sparkling Inferno

By Holly

On the 5th of November, people gathered at their local park or field to celebrate Guy Fawkes failure to blow up the Houses of Parliament. This year, there was a phenomenal fireworks display in Pattishall. Holly, a viewer of the display in Pattishall, had this to say: “The fireworks were amazing; each one of them went up with an exhilarating blast and one loud bang.” The gunpowder used to make the ‘bang’ in a firework, is more commonly known to be in: guns, Christmas crackers and, of course, fireworks and it in fireworks it is usually dyed to make the beautiful and bright ‘art in the sky’.

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School Ding Dong Brings the Ping Pong!!

by Maisie

On Thursday 23rd October 2014, all classes from the Bliss Charity School took part in the fun-filled Modern Language Day, where each class learnt about a different country. However this report will focus on Year 6’s day, which was all about China.

The first event of the day was as normal: assembly, but this time, the lovely sports leaders (Niamh, Holly, Katie, Sam, O’shea and Benjamin) created a PowerPoint about sports around the world. Many interesting facts were shared before it was time to go back to class.

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by Charlie Wade

On 13th October 2014, each class took it in turns to view their specially selected science videos in the ASTONISHING ASTRODOME! Each class watched a video about different topics in science. Class 6 watched two, one on biology and one on the universe around us. Each video was suited to their age group.

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Oh when the Saints

by Benjamin

On Wednesday the 23rd of September, Class 6 embarked on a mission to the Saints rugby stadium, to discover the secrets of the reigning English rugby champions. Furthermore, the children worked together to complete some exhausting but exciting challenges. They even saw some players: Alex Corbersiaro and Ben Foden!

Class 6 started by taking their belongings to the study centre, before being given a questionnaire to fill in whilst taking a tour of the colossal stadium. Next they visited inside the tunnel and everyone ran out of the tunnel as if they were a player. “The experience was wonderful, and I would do again any day. Running out the tunnel was truly exciting” said Charlie.

The opportunities didn’t stop there as the class visited the players changing rooms. In the away team changing room, there is a wall in the middle of it which separates the team so they can’t talk easily as a squad before the game.

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