On the 5th of December in 2015 eleven students who took part in the Comenius project,went on a trip to Vienna, where they spend a very nice informative and sunny day. They visited the Maria-Theresian square where they saw a statue of the powerful ruler Maria Theresia.

They also visited St. Stephen’s cathedral and the interesting Hundertwasser house which was designed by an Austrian architect and artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

In the amusement park Prater there is a famous “wheel” named »Riesenrad« which gives you a beautiful view of the town.They also learned something about the goddess of wisdom Athene. In Vienna there is a fountain of the greek goddess Athene which is in front of the Austrian Parliament Building.

But you can’t come to Vienna without seeing how the city is  decorated in December.So they went to check it out.There were ladybugs , little guitars , cupcakes and candy canes hanging from the trees. Some of the students saw how the worm drinks were sold in interesting cups in a shape of a shoe and I’m sure that everybody stopped in Starbucks for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Karin Danijel, 9.b



London 2015

Every year, our school organizes a trip to London for grade 9 students. This year wasn’t any different. This trip isn’t manditory, so some of our classmates didn’t go. 13 of us went, we were accompanied by our 2 teachers. Our journey started on the 2nd of October. First we had to go to Ljubljana, where we met with our group, which consisted out of students and teachers from other schools, and our tour guide. Then we travelled to the airport in Italy. We arrived to London quite late in the evening, we got sorted into our rooms in the hotel. The other days were more interesting. We had to get up pretty early, but it wasn’t really a problem since we were all excited to see the city. The first thing we did was travel with the underground. I loved travelling with the underground, the best part of it was the sitting. But when it was crowded we had to stand. We were in London for five days, so we saw a lot of interesting places. I really liked when we visited Madame Tussaud’s. The museums and galleries were very educational – I mean I didn’t really like listening to all the boring stuff, but at least I learned a fact or two. But the best part of the trip was free time. We got to explore on our own. It’s a little embarrassing, but me and my friends didn’t do much of that. We just asked where Mcdonalds and Starbucks were and then you didn’t see us for a while. First we went to eat, then we went to the store to buy some souvenires and then we would go to another store to buy some sweets. One day, after we visited Greenwich, we actually got to eat fish and chips – it was very tasty. Everything about London was just so alluring. I loved everything about the trip. The hotel we stayed in was also very nice. Late at night we would snuck out of our rooms and go to our friends, where we talked for hours. The last day in London was the saddest. I didn’t want to go home. Even now me and my friends talk about how fun it was and we remember all the crazy things we did. London is a city, which everyone should visit, they will not regret it.

Final meeting – 1st day – at school an at the kindergarten

At school we watched an introductory event. We also visited Timberrafting museum and old Fasun’s farm and had a tour around Ljubno.

Team Olympics

by Neja Sem, 6.a

On Valentine’s Day at 10 o’clock Team Olympics began on the playground in Radmirje. This is an annual event where teams from Slovenia and Austria compete. Me,  four of my school friends  and two older students participated in one of the teams.

We competed in different sport disciplines, such as rope pulling, walking on stilts, mini golf, shooting on the goal, jumping in sacks and polygon. Out of fifteen teams we came third which was a great achievement for us. So each of the members from our team won a bronze medal.

For snack we had delicious carnival doughnuts and a glass of warm tea which tasted really nice as it was a really cold winter day.


by Julija Vozelj, 8.b and Ana Podlesnik, 8.a

14th February wasn’t just Valentine’s day here in Ljubno. We hosted a ski jumping world cup for women. It was quite exciting for a small town like ours to host something this important.

The event lasted for two days, Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday Sara Takanashi took first place. Daniela Iraschko – Stolz took second place and Sarah Hendrickson was third. But on Sunday things were a little different. Daniela Iraschko – Stolz and Sara Takanashi shared first place and Sarah Hendrickson was again third. It was a great experience and I hope we will host this event for many more years to come.