Travelog – Schools in Finland

A travelog about our visit to Finland in April 2015 was recently published in a Romanian journal of education. The article offers a glimpse into the Finnish educational system, as it was introduced to us by our friends in Rantakyla School.

Marinela Scripcariu


Drama Camp – Romania and UK

A group of children and teachers from Bliss Charity School took part in a drama camp organized by Elf School in the Apuseni Mountains, in Transylvania, in July 2015.  It has been an amazing experience that both schools would like to repeat!


Secrets from Our Garden

Mrs Liliana Clițan and her 7-year old students at Elf School Romania learned about sustainable agriculture by growing their own garden in the school playground. The project started in March 2014, in partnership with the Romanian Permaculture Association and it is still going on.

The children learned about how plants grow in a natural way, without using chemicals, and they were so excited to look after their own garden. They made the vegetable beds in spring and they had the first crop in summer, when they ate a huge, delicious salad made of raddishes, lettuce, arugula, spring onions, dill, spinach… In autumn, they planted flowers in their garden, and in winter they invited the birds in, by setting up bird feeders.

We learned that growing vegetables by yourself is a lot of fun, and they are tastier when you pick and eat them fresh.” – the kids said.
I’ve always wanted to teach my class how food grows and how we can preserve the planet by sustainable gardening. I am thankful to the Romanian Permaculture Association for giving me the chance to do that. Children always learn best when they do things themselves, so this is an excellent opportunity for them. The parents were also very happy to get involved and I thank them for all their enthusiasm“, said Mrs Liliana Clițan.

Now, Mrs Clițan’s class would like to replicate the project and start their own mini-gardens at home or at their grandparents’.
Don’t you think our planet already feels safer?

The videoclip about our project has been entered in the  2015 Schools Sustainability Challenge.  You can support us by liking the video below on the YOUTUBE page. (Only YOUTUBE likes will count). 

Thank you for your support!

The International Cookie Festival

On Monday, January the 12th 2015, we organized The International Cookie Festival at Elf School.

All the children in the primary classes were delighted to prepare the international cookies from England, Finland, France, Latvia, Slovenia and Spain, using the recipes shared by their colleagues or from the Internet.

Cooking seems to be so much fun!

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All the effort was well worth it, as we realized when we tasted the delicious results:

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Christmas traditions

A Cultural Treasure Chest cannot be complete without Christmas traditions.  The students in Elf School have prepared a CD with old traditional Christmas Carols and poems, the second volume of the „Gifts” CD which was launched last year for Christmas.  The songs were rehearsed and performed by Elf School students, with the help of our Religious Education teacher, Mr Ioan Gînscă, who has also recorded and prepared design of the cover and label for the CD.

We are happy to share a CD with each of our partner schools (to be sent by regular post soon). Here is a quick preview:

Saint Nicholas visited Elf School

by Elf School

In Romania, all the children clean their shoes on the evening before Saint Nicholas’ Day and hope the generous saint will visit their house and leave some candy in their boots.  Saint Nicholas is a bit similar to Santa Clause, but he never fails to show up on the eve before December 6th.  We have never seen him actually, but we can tell he’s been there by the goodies that he leaves in our boots.

This December, Saint Nicholas made us a surprise and visited Elf School. When the children arrived in the morning, they were surprised to find little chocolates on their desks.

Red, Yellow and Blue!

The Elf School students celebrated the Romanian National Holiday on December 1st.  They wore national costumes and ribbons or scarves in the national colours: red, yellow and blue.  We had discussions on what makes us proud of our country and we admired some old traditional costumes, introduced to us by our teachers. It was a fun, colourful day!

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Local History – Romania

The students in class 8 have been on a visit to the old centre of Cluj to share our city’s history with their international visitors from Argentina, China, Taiwan and Turkey.  They also visited the Museum of Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca. The group was led by Mrs Rodica Chirila (our History teacher).

Photos: Marcos Trinajstic (from Argentina)

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