Final meeting – 1st day – at school an at the kindergarten

At school we watched an introductory event. We also visited Timberrafting museum and old Fasun’s farm and had a tour around Ljubno.

Comenius guests from Finland and France in Palsmane, Latvia – 3rd day

2015comenius 002

In the municipality.

2015comenius 003

Students are speaking with journalist from local newspaper.

2015comenius 004

At the boiling.

2015comenius 014

Everybody is ready to start workshops.

2015comenius 043

The Easter rabbit workshop.

2015comenius 050

The Easter rabbits.

2015comenius 041

The cooking workshop.

2015comenius 019

The cooking also for boys.

2015comenius 051

The wood workshop.

2015comenius 031

The wood….

2015comenius 036

The rabbits…

2015comenius 018

The rabbits…

2015comenius 038

The yarn flowers workshop.

2015comenius 029

The bookmarks workshop.

2015comenius 053

A visit to England – French team

At the end of April, 2014, a group of children from Ecole de Maurupt-le-Montois visited their partner school in England, The Bliss Charity School.

On the way, they had a quick stop in London, to witness the Changing of the Guards:

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Les incontournables : bus rouge et cabine téléphonique

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In Oxford, at the Youth Hostel, we tasted the English cuisine:

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