On the 5th of December in 2015 eleven students who took part in the Comenius project,went on a trip to Vienna, where they spend a very nice informative and sunny day. They visited the Maria-Theresian square where they saw a statue of the powerful ruler Maria Theresia.

They also visited St. Stephen’s cathedral and the interesting Hundertwasser house which was designed by an Austrian architect and artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

In the amusement park Prater there is a famous “wheel” named »Riesenrad« which gives you a beautiful view of the town.They also learned something about the goddess of wisdom Athene. In Vienna there is a fountain of the greek goddess Athene which is in front of the Austrian Parliament Building.

But you can’t come to Vienna without seeing how the city is  decorated in December.So they went to check it out.There were ladybugs , little guitars , cupcakes and candy canes hanging from the trees. Some of the students saw how the worm drinks were sold in interesting cups in a shape of a shoe and I’m sure that everybody stopped in Starbucks for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Karin Danijel, 9.b



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