London 2015

Every year, our school organizes a trip to London for grade 9 students. This year wasn’t any different. This trip isn’t manditory, so some of our classmates didn’t go. 13 of us went, we were accompanied by our 2 teachers. Our journey started on the 2nd of October. First we had to go to Ljubljana, where we met with our group, which consisted out of students and teachers from other schools, and our tour guide. Then we travelled to the airport in Italy. We arrived to London quite late in the evening, we got sorted into our rooms in the hotel. The other days were more interesting. We had to get up pretty early, but it wasn’t really a problem since we were all excited to see the city. The first thing we did was travel with the underground. I loved travelling with the underground, the best part of it was the sitting. But when it was crowded we had to stand. We were in London for five days, so we saw a lot of interesting places. I really liked when we visited Madame Tussaud’s. The museums and galleries were very educational – I mean I didn’t really like listening to all the boring stuff, but at least I learned a fact or two. But the best part of the trip was free time. We got to explore on our own. It’s a little embarrassing, but me and my friends didn’t do much of that. We just asked where Mcdonalds and Starbucks were and then you didn’t see us for a while. First we went to eat, then we went to the store to buy some souvenires and then we would go to another store to buy some sweets. One day, after we visited Greenwich, we actually got to eat fish and chips – it was very tasty. Everything about London was just so alluring. I loved everything about the trip. The hotel we stayed in was also very nice. Late at night we would snuck out of our rooms and go to our friends, where we talked for hours. The last day in London was the saddest. I didn’t want to go home. Even now me and my friends talk about how fun it was and we remember all the crazy things we did. London is a city, which everyone should visit, they will not regret it.


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